Farha's Block-Buster Fireworks is Proud to be Family Owned and Family Operated.


24 premium canister shells that will slice through the night sky

Pro Shells

24 of the Best Rated Canister Shells On The US Market! - Professional Quality Canister Shells with 4 Re-loadable Tubes for each Kit, Artillery Shell Kit with Assorted Effects, Shells Are Marked with Effects.


Light up the night without waking your neighbors. A seemingly endless stream of red, blue, lemon, green & purple sparks emit from waves of silver chrysanthemum & pine needles.


The Big Brocade

We Sell the BIG Stuff

Featured Product #1

A powerful aerial extravaganza! Giant green and gold bursts featuring green pearls, gold glitter with green rings.

Featured Product #2

Sensational effects! Gold tail to silver, glitter and timed rain willow with blue pearl. Perfect for your next holiday show!

Featured Product #3

16 Shots - Crown Brocade and Strobe – Silver, Blue, Gold and Green, Ending with Crackling Flower.

Featured Product #4

Breaks of gold scattered crackle transform the tough chrysanthemums into battle.
Stop by any of our convenient locations, load up and get the party started!